Getwell Medical Center in Dubai has the unique privilege of doing the UKOOA Medicals and having a License for doing UKOOA,Panama Seaman and Belize Medicals.

UKOOA medicals are called now as OGUK medicals.

The OGUK stands for Oil and Gas organization of UK.

The OGUK medicals are done for the DIVERS, SEAMAN, Offshore workers going to work for the offshore oil and gas companies.

We issue the Certificates on Behalf of UKOOA and all the mentioned organizations.

We take care of the UKOOA /OGUK medicals for the esteem organizations like Mcdermott ,Transamerica, CCGVERITAS of France, ARGAS,NOBLE CORPORATION, APS, OCEANIC, ARIES, PETROFEC. Petrochem etc…….. to name the few.

Also our center is a state of the art medical center which is JCI of USA recognized and also UKOOA/OGUK registered.

To do the OGUK medicals, Getwell family takes pride that we have the blend of state of the art -high tech equipment and the best of professionals, to perform the medicals.

For OGUK medicals we ask the person to come fasting, so that we can take some important blood tests

After the blood test, the person goes for some special test like Vison, Spirometry, Audiometry and ECG etc. In some cases of OGUK medicals we have to the ECG-resting and stress test, Echocardiography, etc.

We specialize in giving quick and quality services to all our esteem clients.
Our center is equipped with all the state of the art high tech equipments doing all Insurance medicals, offshore medicals, Pre-Employment medicals and provide medical services to the staff of the oil and gas companies working in the rigs and offshore basically OGUK or equivalent medicals.

For OGUK Medicals needs to do the test which are necessary to confirm the fitness of the client to issue the fitness certificate for 2 yrs, tests includes full blood tests, chest X-ray, PFT, ECG, Audiometry, and if the doctor advise will go for further tests like echo cardiogram, stress test.

For further details Please contact:

Dr. Ashok Kapoor.


Contact        050 450 5865